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In season 1, we launched 9 collabs that explore the potential of web3 & decentralization. Builders, crypto thinkers, creators, let's chat.

Project 04/09

Kryptosign .io

  • Web3 Utility
  • NFT Tooling

KryptoSign is the digital contracts solution, used by crypto startups for NDAs, contracts and more. Documents are signed with your crypto wallet and stored decentralized, on IPFS. KryptoSign started as the first NFT Allowlist solution and has been used by more than 150,000 users and leading projects including Doodles. B::B built and runs KryptoSign.

Project 01/09

Meebits DAO

  • ImpactDAO
  • Decentralization

Meebits are your 3D avatar for the Metaverse, built by the creators of CryptoPunks. MeebitsDAO is where Meebits owners fund innovative projects that develop the ecosystem around Meebits and build the open Metaverse, no gatekeepers. B::B helped create the MeebitsDAO, is the project’s principal sponsor, and built the DAO’s backend and tooling.

Project 02/09

Super Geisha

  • NFT
  • IP Development

Super Geisha is a profile-picture NFT collection of 6,766 unique art pieces, algorithmically generated from over 140 hand-drawn traits. Super Geisha is the cornerstone of the Geisha Universe being developed by Ger, a professional illustrator with a passion for Japanese culture, comic books, blockchain, and weird stuff. B::B was the publishing and development partner for this NFT collection.

Project 03/09

Lobby 3

  • ImpactDAO
  • Crypto Lobby

Lobby3 is an Impact Advocacy DAO started by Andrew Yang to use web3 technology for social good and civic innovation. B::B worked with Andrew Yang and Humanity Forward to develop the idea, create an innovative crowdfunding system, and build the Lobby3 community. B::B also built all the tech powering the DAO and NFT collection.

Project 05/09

Mxtter .art

  • DAO
  • Art Collective
  • Generative Art

Mxtter is a generative art platform, community and DAO that’s helping artists explore the growing field of digital art. Funds from the auctions support up & coming artists and build the DAO’s collection. B::B incubated the idea and built the mxtter platform and DAO.

Project 06/09

Boss Beauties

  • NFT

Boss Beauties is a woman-led, global initiative that empowers girls and women at the forefront of technology, leadership and creativity. B::B was the launch partner for this collection of 10,000 NFTs, including smart contract development.

Project 07/09

Savage Droids

  • NFT
  • IP Development

Savage Droids NFTs are part of the Savage Dogs Universe, a multimedia franchise born in web3, connected by an overarching universe of stories & characters. B::B was the publishing and development partner for this NFT collection, including the innovative Droid Fusion system where almost half of the original 8,888 NFTs were upgraded, and the others burnt.

Project 08/09


  • Seed Investments
  • NFT Ecosystem

Mantial is changing the status quo of digital advertising, moving from today’s paid spaces for messaging and awareness to a new standard of direct compensation for value-added actions. Users have access to campaigns from global brands and earn rewards in crypto and NFTs. B::B was Mantial’s first investor.

Project 09/09

New Here

  • Crowdfunding
  • DAO

New Here is a feature film about the NFT and CryptoArt movement directed by Dan Sickles, a Sundance Award Winning filmmaker. B::B played a key role advising the team on crowdfunding strategies and developing the project’s community and NFT strategy.

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